Hack with a crew this week! Guilds are a great way to find a small community within the larger MLH hacker community. Complete challenges together, enjoy mini-events, and more all while making new friends and connections. Join one now by selecting one on!

There’s strength in numbers, so here are some pre-made marketing templates. Completing a journey is always more fun with friends, so share your guild with anyone you want to go on an adventure with - classmates, friends, family, and more! The more members your guild has, the more experience you'll earn.

How to market your guild?

Thinking of organizing a guild for your local hacker community? We’re here to help and make sure it is an easy, fun, and energizing experience for you. Check out the resources and advice we have available to help you!

  1. Use the MLH Discord channels to help hackers find the perfect guild for them
  2. Have hackers fill out the GHW: Share Referral form to earn points for your guild. For every registration you refer, you get a point
  3. Use our pre-made copy and graphic templates.

Guild Leader FAQ

Curious about forming a Global Hack Week guild? Browse some of the most common questions we receive here.

What kind of guild should I form? 

A guild can be formed around anything. Former guilds have been hosted around individual hackathons (shoutout to the Girls Hoo Hack guild), your timezone (shoutout to ESTechies), or your love of stuffed sharks from IKEA (shoutout to Blahajgang)!

Why should I organize a guild? 

Guilds are a fantastic way to make your hackathon, form a stronger community at your school, meet people with similar interests as you, or practice your leadership skills in a low-stakes environment.

What if I don't feel ready  to lead a guild? 

We know that there is a ton of imposter syndrome in our community. We are confident in each and every one of you and will make sure you have all the tools you need to shine as guild leader.

What if I have more questions? 

Reach out to us at!